Almost three years ago, we marked the 50th anniversary of the Wil­derness Act. “A wilderness,” the authors of the act wrote, “in contrast with those areas where man and his own works dominate the landscape, is hereby recog­nized as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.”  The whole idea of the legislation was to set aside a small slice of a continent dominated by humans and let nature take its course.

What is happening? (video)  ?What does the Navy say?

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UDATE March 29, 2017

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: from KONP:  In a letter to Sean Stackley, Acting Secretary of the Navy, Kilmer asked for further clarification on recent activity near Olympic National Park and surrounding communities. In a series of questions to the Navy, Kilmer asked how public comments were incorporated into the environmental review for projects like Growler flights and electronic range testing. He also questioned whether the Navy has worked with other agencies to most effectively measure how much jet noise can be heard on the Olympic Peninsula.  Other questions to the Navy dealt with training flights minimum altitudes of over 10,000 feet, and how the Navy is measuring noise and its impact on natural resources and the communities within Washington’s Sixth Congressional District.In his letter, Kilmer noted that he hoped to receive a response to his inquiries before budget hearings pertaining to the fiscal year 2018 appropriations cycle occur.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. We await your answers.

Also, on the 25th the EPA found fault with the Navy statement:

On March 27,  STOP (Save the Olympic Peninsula) presented their latest updates on the ‘Growler Situation’ Bev Goldie, Blyn (STOP Coordinator), Ron Richards, Port Angeles (STOP Coordinator), Paula Spina (Citizens of Ebay Reserve, Coupeville, (COER)  and Brian Cullen, Quilcene (Former Obama Public Affairs officer with 24 years Navy and Brookings Inst experience) spoke. 

Bev presented a slideshow overview and mentioned the recent EPA response. The EPA letter is explained in following article from Seattle Times:

Nancy Botta (Raindagger Productions)  recorded the speakers (more are coming soon):  

Ron Richards enumerated a just a of the few discrepancies between the Navy’s various reports. Says up to 20 thousand flights per year are possible, potentially two sonic booms will occur daily, and flights may be closer to ground level than reported – ie 200′.

CALL TO ACTION: Add this number to your speed dial 360-257-6665 and call and complain! ALSO send emails to the Navy Jet Noise Comment dept. here: 

More on the CALL TO  ACTION by Doug Goldie

Guest speaker Brian Cullen’s Seattle Times article:

The COER group (Where the Growlers are) is working very hard to dissect and reject the Environmental Impact Statement.

AND the National Parks Conservation Association is taking ACTION to Save the Wild Natural Sounds of the Olympic Peninsula. SIGN ON TO THEIR PETITION and check out all of their efforts in the other parks too:

Here’s some guidelines for arguing with that Climate Change Denier in your life.

Bill Moyers on our new EPA Secretary: Scott Pruitt