Independent Voice – Are we ready?

By Jennifer Nouri

I would like to ask how many of you have actually witnessed a hologram.  I mean close up. Some of us have seen holograms on TV or in movies. I had the chance to look at one in the Science Museum in San Diego. It is truly incredible. A hologram is a three dimensional photographic recording of a light field, rather than of an image formed by a lens. Holography was first developed in the 1940s by the Hungarian-British physicist Dennis Gabor.   One hundred years ago we might have rejected the possibility of such a thing outside of some science fictional novel. But it was a mesmerizing and ghostly ball of light that I could stare at for hours. I started to question is it real or is it an illusion? What happens when I try to touch it or examine it? Well I don’t know, because my rational mind tells me I would look foolish; after all, it’s a beam of light.

Today hologram technology is a booming industry. They will be as commonplace as an app on your phones soon. A full body hologram was used by Julian Assange in 2013, since he couldn’t make a personal appearance.  It was rumored that Hillary Clinton planned an enormous holographic extravaganza on election night to dazzle and mesmerize the eager crowds in Times Square.

As I ponder the technology, I am reminded of the Wizard of OZ depiction of the giant head in front of the curtain, or flying saucers in “War of the Worlds”.  A very interesting thing happened on Halloween night in 1938. As Orson Wells narrated the story on a radio show of  alien attackers, the general population didn’t realize it was just fiction.  The Fake News that stirred the nation really scared a lot of people as they huddled in fear around their radio sets. My mother was eight and she told me about the feeling of panic.

I can think of no scarier thought than an alien attack, but I would like to show that we allow ourselves to go on believing things even when we know the critical elements of the argument are false. . Most of us  believe that a huge percentage of global warming is caused by human activities. Beyond all doubt we have made a huge  impact on this planet. Our conclusion is backed up by scientific evidence and it is what we accept, that the research is testable, facts are facts, and that is truth. I believe in scientific method. Besides that, we can see the evidence with our own eyes.  However, some refuse to believe it.

What if scientific evidence proves something more horrendous than we want to believe. For instance, that the attack on the World Trade Center was caused by a respected group of humans, known and unknown to the public, and that we have been suffering from an illusion covered up by brutal liars and fake investigative committees ,  all created by some very evil wizards behind the scene. What if the evidence is laid out before our eyes?  If we accept the scientific evidence on Global Warming, which is bad enough, why wouldn’t we accept the evidence in this case?

Well, if you believe the science, a crime against humanity of enormous proportion would have to be addressed. The motivations would become more obvious, the complexity would be unprecedented. The casualties, the wars, the surveillance, the military buildup would open up a world of speculations,   but in the end, there would be no reparations big enough to compensate for what happened. In fact I have my doubts that anyone would be held accountable.

That said, we have given up many freedoms, our privacy, we are nearing a police state, dissent is a crime, we can be arrested as enemy combatants, locked up without charges, run over as protesters, people just disappear, and so many things. We live under the illusion of choice in what used to be a democratic republic. We aren’t really sure who exactly is in running things. We may even question our own values. Things feel upside down.  The world has become too scary to navigate. Orwell might say “I told you so”.

As everyone starts to examine what I call The Big Lie, and the curtain is pulled back, I suspect there could be an upheaval within the population, perhaps worldwide. Maybe half would not participate, or worse yet, deny the science and continue to support the ‘official’ version of events that we have been fed for 16 years from both sides of the political spectrum. The Department of Propaganda, the Ministry of Truth and the controlled media would do its job to further obfuscate as they work as a unit now. Lists would be compiled. “Safeguards” would be enabled. Don’t think they aren’t getting ready. I suggest this may be an issue in our near future. I see the wax melting. Prepare to make a choice.

As in the Wizard of Oz, good and evil battle for the welfare or control of the little people. Those who quest for knowledge, those who have the will and the courage are the warriors. Not everyone is cut out to do this work.  The truth will liberate us, but not without consequences.   And maybe we could begin to heal from our blindness.

Whatever you all do going forward, feed your head, question everything, be strong, and don’t stare into the sun.