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My letter to Wells Fargo #no DAPL

November 15, 2016

To Wells Fargo Bank Headquarters via Branch Manager

As a customer of your financial institution, I reject the notion of my money helping to support your investment in the Dakota Access pipeline, an inherently dangerous and unjust oil pipeline that threatens air and water quality in many states, and violates sacred lands of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. I urge you to give up your financial stake in the Dakota Access pipeline immediately.

It is our purpose to inform you that we intend to immediately begin to divest from your bank. We have used your services for many years in good faith, while you have only profited.  Understand that your recent deceitful practices, namely, using your customer’s names to open accounts for some kind of incentive purpose without their knowledge, is beyond reprehensible. To break the last straw, you have continued the employment of and given bonus rewards to the same top executives who bear the responsibility for that breach.  You took the liberty to play with our life savings, were caught in the act, and in turn rewarded your own.

Furthermore, for your role as one of the financiers of the largest oil pipeline companies, and probably many others, we hope someone someday will do the right thing and grow a conscience about the lives you are destroying. For this project and the next. For this bank and the next. We will collectively hold our money from the greed of banks who are again too big to fail, and too big to care.


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